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Now you can control your throttle pedal with an app

The Pedal-app can be configurated flexibly and individually

Speed-Buster throttle pedal tuning app

Available for IOS and Android

The original SPEED-Buster Pedalbox optimises the serial signal of the electronic throttle pedal, which leads the engine control unit to a different standard setting. With the free-of-charge Pedal-App you configurate the Pedalbox according to your wishes.

Easy installation of the Pedalbox

  • 1. Localise the throttle pedal sensor in the footwell. It is situated directly on the throttle pedal.
  • 2. Release the plug from the throttle pedal.
  • 3. Now plug the original Speed-Buster Pedalbox plug into the throttle pedal sensor.
  • 4. Afterwards, connect the original plug with the Pedalbox.
  • 5. Now relocate the Pedalbox and the switch to a suitable position.
Speed-Buster Pedalbox Installation
Speed-Buster Gaspedal Box

Enhanced acceleration

Faster acceleration and a more direct responsive behaviour! With only one click on the Pedal-App you immediately increase the liveliness of your vehicle.

Entirely unrestricted configuration

With the help of graphic surfaces, you configurate the characteristic curve of your vehicle completely according to your ideas and needs.

Vehicle immobiliser

Protect your property from unwanted use. In “PROTECT”-mode it is impossible to drive your vehicle. As a security measure, a six-digit pin number is necessary.


lise an actual decrease in fuel consumption. With the slightly degressive characteristic diagrams and a reduction of the injection volume that can’t be felt in the full load range.

Performance decrease

You are not the only one using your high-performance vehicle? No problem. Simply reduce the performance of your vehicle down to as low as 10%. Your car can, for example, still be parked, without allowing for an actual ride on the streets.

Speed-Buster Pedal App


The Pedal-App is heralding a new generation of pedal boxes with entirely new features. While older models could only “bend” the throttle pedal curves via pre-programmed programmes, with the Pedal-App it is now possible to entirely reconfigure the throttle pedal curves.

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Speed-Buster unrestricted configuration

Unrestricted configuration

With the Pedal-App you have the opportunity to configurate your Pedalbox entirely according to your wishes. With the help of the integrated graphic editor you can design the throttle pedal curve of your vehicle as you want, in a blink.

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Speed-Buster extended diversity

Extended programme diversity

Besides the unrestricted configuration, the Pedal-App also offers prespecified programmes, such as SPORT and ECO, which are known from older Pedalbox models. What is new is that you can also pick the performance reduction and the vehicle immobiliser vie prespecified programmes.

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Speed-Buster - trust the original

Speed-Buster – trust the original

The original Speed-Buster Pedalbox is 100% “made in Germany”. The Pedalbox is certified according to the Directive 89/336/EEC (electromagnetic compatibility) and is admitted for the installation in motor vehicles. The quality management system that is valid according to the road traffic laws is entirely KBA verified (KBA: German Federal Motor Vehicle Office).

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Speed-Buster - Latest DSP and ASA technology

Latest DSP- and ASA-technology

The Pedalbox contains the newest automobile-self-adjust-technology. Thanks to this technology, even the smallest individual series-production-tolerances of the vehicle can be recognised and compensated. Modern high-performance microprocessors with DSP-technology ensure a precise and fast signal processing.

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Speed-Buster - Protect+


Protect your property from undesired use. In the “PROTECT”-mode it is impossible to drive your vehicle. In order to drive, a 6-digit pin number is needed.

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Speed-Buster - Memory feature

Memory feature

The Pedalbox comprises a memory feature. This means, that the last chosen setting will remain activated until a new setting is chosen. Even when your battery is disconnected, the settings remain saved.

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Speed-Buster – encrypted communication

Encrypted communication

The communication between the Pedal-App and the Pedalbox takes place with a 128 Bit AES-encryption. Therefore, any access to or changes of the settings by unauthorised parties is impossible.

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Speed-Buster - Nicht sichtbar im Fahrzeugraum

Not visible

Enjoy the interior of your vehicle as it is, without having to install any disrupting switched or the likes. The Pedalbox is stored behind the cabin lining and is entirely invisible from within the cabin.

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All features at a glance


When the Pedalbox is deactivated, your vehicle is in its original serial state. The characteristic curve that was set originally in your vehicle is processed.


You like to get your numbers right? Then the ECO-mode is exactly the thing for you. The progressively built characteristic curve does not only make it easier to start in city traffic, it also decreases the maximum consumption when you drive at full speed.


Direct responsiveness and enhanced acceleration… that is the SPORT-mode! The degressive characteristic curve offers a completely new and direct responsiveness for your vehicle.


Besides the other predesigned modes, the INDIVIDUAL-mode gives you the opportunity to save as many characteristic curves designed by you, as you want. With the graphic editor, in only a few seconds, you can give the desired shape to the entire throttle pedal characteristic curve.


The KIDS-mode gives you the opportunity to decrease the performance of your vehicle. With a slider control you can decide on the maximum reachable performance of your vehicle and set it anywhere between 50% and 100%. The throttle pedal characteristic curve will be linear, allowing for an absolutely intuitive drive.


Protect your property from undesired use. In the PROTECT-mode it is impossible to drive your vehicle. The throttle pedal characteristic curve is completely deactivated thus preventing any attempt to open the throttle.


In the VALET-mode the performance of your vehicle is drastically reduced via any of the three buttons “10%”, “20%” and “30%”. In this way, you can still park the car, for example, without allowing for an actual ride on the street.

  • - Entirely encrypted communication -
  • - No additional load on the engine -
  • - Graphic design of the characteristic curve -
  • - Exempt from duty to register due to EMV-certification -
  • - Infinite amount of performance levels at your disposal -
  • - No disturbing switches in the driver’s cabin -

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