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APPsolute control over your tuning

Control the performance of your vehicle comfortably via the app!

As individual as you are

With the Speed-Buster app the performance characteristics of your vehicle can be tailored to your individual needs.

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Speed-Buster App-Control

Now available free of charge in the App Store and on Google Play! Available for all smartphones that have minimum Bluetooth 4.0

Speed-Buster App at iTunes Speed-Buster throttle gaspedal app at Google Play

APPsolute control over your tuning

Do you want full control over the different parameters of your tuning? Keep track of the different settings on various channels, and all that, of course, always subject to the RPM.

Switch on/off

Switch on/off

Activate or deactivate the performance enhancement. With only one click, your vehicle goes back to its original serial configuration. In this way it may perhaps be better suited for rides in the winter, on ice or for learner drivers.

Cold start timer

Cold start timer

Decide the duration of the warm-up phase of your vehicle. With this feature you can make sure that the performance enhancement will only be activated once the engine has reached its operating temperature.

3 Leistungsstufen

3 performance levels

Bei aktivem Tuning haben sie die Möglichkeit aus den drei unterschiedlichen Leistungsstufen zu wählen.

3 performance levels


In the eco-mode, the fuel consumption is substantially reduced in the lower RPM range, by a slightly heightened engine torque.


Sports mode

In the sports mode, the power of your vehicle can flourish, and you can simply enjoy your enhanced acceleration.


Sports-plus mode

In the sports-plus mode, you will come closer to your vehicle’s limits when it comes to performance and speediness, but without having to take any risks for your engine.

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